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"And you shall make the planks (kerashim) for the Mishkan of acacia wood, upright.” (26:15)
Many insights come from this verse in Parshat Terumah however one from the Besht stands particularly out. He explains that keresh (plank) is man. The letters for keresh are kuf, reish, shin which can also spell the words kesher (connection, joining) and sheker (a lie).

Each of us is able to make sacred connections with the supernal worlds through all that we do. Everything we want, think, speak, feel and do has a rippled effect in the universe. Each of us has the ability to form a mishkan, a holy space, in our life and enable G-d’s awesome presence to be felt in all of the worlds. All by simply wanting to form a close connection to Him.

When we chose to find and attach to Hashem in all of our experiences, we create a plank, a solid foundation on which we safely stand. Our continuous drive to find G-dliness creates the structure and becomes our temple, through which we function. Our mundane activities become holier thus more open to receive Heavenly blessings.

However, many lose focus of their avodah and find themselves lured into playing with the materialistic ‘toys’ of life which are transient and serve no eternal value. Their connections are false, filled with lies, their sanctuary built on faulty ground.

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