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This is your "ABOUT" page.  In this page, you can write an introduction to your business that will help your clients to connect with the story behind it. If you have a rich work experience, now is the time to share those credentials!

  • Add photos of yourself & your business work
  • Aim for at least 300 words of content
  • Humbly but truthfully represent your journey. This will help your clients to relate to you and trust in your mission.
  • Make sure your personality and unique flair shines through the content and images!



Example Content - Use for Inspiration!

Begin with a brief introduction: mention your job title, your ideal client, and the solutions you bring to their common problems.  This intro should be no more than 3 sentences, and provide a description of where you're at now in your career.

I am an (job title:) illustrator of children's stories with a passion for (what you do:) creating vivid pictures with realistic details that truly tell a story of their own.

I believe that (your unique philosophy:) intricate drawings should be combined with simplicity to help (the solution you offer to the problems of your ideal clients:) young children stay engaged and interested) in the words that are read while sharing story time with their parents and loved ones.

How It All Started

Where did your journey begin?  As a childhood hobby? In college? Sketch a picture of how you gained a solid footing in your business' industry.

(Your first contact with your field:) When I was little, my parents often read storybooks to me during bedtime. I remember having a few favorites that I insisted be read over and over again. Each time was as exciting as the first.

(The insight that led you to pursue your unique path:) While studying elementary education in college, I revisited some of those old children's stories, and realized something interesting: the stories that I loved the most were not necessarily the ones with the best story. Rather, my favorite stories were from books that had illustrations that I found "beautiful" as a toddler.

(Professional training & experience:) So I changed my path and took on art and psychology classes to gain a more solid foundation of why little children do what they do!  As an elementary school art teacher, I worked with the parents of students who really struggled with learning and developed a program that helped these troubled students to express themselves and embrace learning through art and picture books.

(Mention successes that would resonate with your targeted audience:) When these children began to love art, there was a marked improvement in their ability to read and write, as well.  Through the visual arts, frustrations and tensions between students, parents, and teachers were lessened and, in some cases, eliminated.

Where You Are Now

(How you arrived HERE at THIS business:) As my passion for visual learning continued to develop, I realized that I wanted to do more than remedial work with students. So I dove full-time into illustrating children's books.  By offering visual illustrations that connect with the need for vibrant beauty and intriguing details, I am able to help young listeners to connect with the depth of the stories being read during priceless bedtime traditions with parents.

(Mention some of your philosophy:) I believe that no book should be unloved by a child simply because it lacks a visual tale to go with.

(Continue to connect with the pain-points of your targeted clients. In this case, parents & teachers:) In addition to illustrations, I also run workshops to help teachers utilize visuals properly in classroom for a better learning experience.  This combined efforts helps parents, and children to continue to develop a tradition of learning and adventure that will last through life.


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